Labor Communications

We partner with executives, administrators and front-line supervisors to cut through the rhetoric and make an impact.

Areas of Expertise

Contentious Negotiations

Corporate Campaigns

Post-Strike Return to Work Dynamic

Secondary Boycotts

Strikes & Work Stoppages

Union Avoidance

Sample Work

Organizing Efforts

We have worked with multiple universities facing unionization efforts by adjunct faculty and graduate students. Our work includes serving as senior counselor to academic and university leadership to improve trust, culture and communications.

Corporate Campaigns

Our team supported a publicly-traded company when it was the target of an abrasive, corporate campaign at locations across the country. In addition to strategies to address the campaign head-on, our team responded to union-sponsored litigation and related pressure tactics.

Negotiations, Strikes and Return to Work

Our team has worked with leading corporations in industries such as rail transportation, real estate, consumer products, hospitality and others regarding contract negotiations, strikes, third party boycotts, return to work, and more.